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As a parent, you’re doing your best to prepare your Student for college + career success, 
but the complexities of it all can have you feeling overwhelmed and isolated.

At least $6 million in scholarships have been awarded to our students between 2019 and 2022

Methodical. Holistic. Customized.

why partner with mary le?

Let’s face it, there are many college coaches and there is ONE for your student.

If your student is:

-struggling to find his passion, has a GPA of 3.9, has yet to find his best self, is passionate when talking about his many subjects of interests, is looking to have guidance from an expert, and willing to execute the plan,

-leading her community, team, or school and looking for an expert’s guidance to help with drawing out her story, expressing and narrating her story, challenges, and overall successes,

-ambitious and is already thinking about independent projects or research that she wants to pursue and wants a coach to mentor her through the process with expert guidance to leverage intentional project management,

-dreaming is to have a college experience with meaningful learnings, potential transformational lessons, and contributing back to her community through her skills and purposeful actions,

-yearning for expert advice on independent project from A to Z, developing an idea into a specific project, testing, and executing her plans while receiving mentoring and guidance for full implementation,

then partner with Mary Le.


Mary Le
College Consultant
Financial Aid Strategist

We understand it’s important to you that your student doesn’t miss out on their dream due to financial obstacles or academic under-preparedness. Unfortunately, what you don’t know may hurt you in time and money which may also be irreversible.

We all have that well-meaning counselor, teacher, uncle, cousin, sister who advised our student to do this and that. In reality, only a few of those well meaning friend or relative will take the time to coach monthly or weekly with our student to help achieve consistent habits and continued progress.

As a HS Senior, your student is following a flow of events which dictates the consequences. Missing any of the milestones needed for the complete college admission application may affect your student’s outcomes.

When partnering with Mary Le, your student’s Coach/Expert will work closely with your student to provide individualized mentorship or guidance based on the educational institution’s data and repeatable results.

As the Expert advises your student and develops an action plan with your student, you hope to see progress and transformation.  

Yes, the progress will not be overnight or weeks and may be slow and over months which requires to build trust between each other.  This regular communication between your Expert and student creates a habitual practice in communication, skill development, and time management. 

The coaching process, as you know, takes time.

Yet, as most of my client’s and their parents will share with you, the results are often transformational by the time your student graduates from their high school.

As one parent to another, we want to help you avoid unnecessary periods of uncertainty, frustration and tension for your student and family.

We know that our student(s) deserve more.

As a student, Mary Le has gone successfully through the undergraduate and post-graduate admission application, scholarship, grants, loans, work-study, and fellowship processes. 

As a parent, Mary Le has gone through the process and journey with her daughter and nephews.  She understands the angst and anxiety in feeling worried for her student.

As a community change-agent, Mary Le co-founded YomP program at a local bay area non profit organization known as Aid for Children Without Parents.  She has coached and mentored HS and College students that are underrepresented and provided resources to help students thrive in their college preparation, admission, and graduation.  Mary continues to fund scholarships for students in Vietnam and fundraise for building schools, libraries, and community centers in central Vietnam.


As a thought-leader and professional, Mary Le has been mentored by executives, C-suites, managers from the top 500 Fortune companies. She understands what leadership looks like and what companies look for as a successful candidate for their employment.  

As a social entrepreneur with a family of successful entrepreneurs, Mary also knows what sacrifice, risk taking in business ownership, business plan, budget, operations, client needs, etc. require to be sustaining.

As a practitioner, Mary Le has been representing college coaches and experts and giving personalized attention to her students and their families since 2017, and has proven to be an invaluable resource during college admission process, college campus visits, majors and career researches, essay-brainstorming sessions, internship searches and job searches after graduation.   

Her students’ results speak for themselves as they are the ones who have executed their college plans with their Expert. 

Mary is proud to be part of this circle of positive influence for your students.

Partner with Mary Le is truly something that represents me and how I can help my greater community-education in equity.
-Mary Le

Individualized guidance for your student to prepare for the college of their choice

Reserve the complimentary 15-minute chat with Mary Le to discuss your student’s needs, your expectations, the student’s dreams and aspirations, and find out more about our programs.

ask mary for A SCHOLARSHIP SEARCH LINK, FAFSA and Financial Aid