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When a number of parents speak about their regrets regarding not giving their student more tools so they can have more choices in life, it’s disheartening. Many students were unable to fulfill the academic requirements to enter their choice college; others are paying student loans that they would have been able to cover through financial aid.

We believe in the success education can bring.

We also believe this education should be equally accessible to everyone.

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Your student’s transition to college may make you feel anxious and that you have a lot to do.

We understand the complexities of this transition and are giving families resources and up to date information. In partnership with families, we work hard to provide them with the optimal fit from our team of experts ready to bridge the gap through individualized guidance.

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I can recall living during the war between North and South Vietnam found to assert their political differences. I still recall running to bomb shelters and hearing city public siren to take shelter. 

Fast forward to the spring of 1975, as South Vietnam fell to North Vietnam, our family clan fled from Saigon to Vung Tau, a seaport city in Vietnam.

we fled by boat to the open sea.

As I recall, bombs were dropped and we closed our eyes to later look on the ocean, bobbing and floating wooden
scraps floating on both sides of our small boat.

We were later rescued by a larger US ship and landed on Guam and were sent to Indiantown Gap,
Pennsylvania US Base.  It was from there that my family was sponsored by Holy Ghost Parish in Omaha,

Born into a comfortable family, we abandoned our properties and community and fled to America
where we started from nothing. We were seeking refuge, left our mother country, left all possessions,
but brought our culture, language, religion, and heritage.

We fled to America and lost everything that we had in Vietnam.
We came empty-handed.

I recall seeing how sad and frustrated my parents were in starting over and making sure that their
children have the proper education, love for God, loyalty for our new sponsors, community, and new
country – America, and moral compass fitting with my grandparents’ teachings.

mary le as a child with her family and nuns

My parents did not know about the process of college admission in America by the time for me to
graduate from High School.  Before 1965, my dad studied abroad in North Carolina, for his military
training on internal affairs and criminal investigations.  Despite studying in the US, my dad was unable to help me navigate the college admission process.

Out of my determination to receive a college education, I did all the research on my own, asking for help
on scholarships, tests, how to get into the more selective colleges, etc. From library reference counselors, counselors, teachers, etc. In fact, all the reference desk librarians know and love me since I
spent all my hours in the libraries on Fridays and weekends researching for scholarships, understanding
the admission criteria, trends, admission essay examples, etc.

Today, I feel that my overall higher education set a foundation for my critical thinking.  I am grateful for
the first group of educators who taught me English to jumpstart my life in America in 1975. As a third grader, all I could muster is “hello, my name is Trang Le, I do not speak English.”   Thereafter, my personality emerged. Although I could not speak English proficiently, I made friends easily in my class and just spoke to everyone despite NOT being proficient in English.

The fondest memories that I have about my childhood were my interactions with the nuns from Holy Ghost Parish who met with us weekly and taught us proper pronunciation, use of grammar, enunciate vowels, and speak proper English. I love to learn. I love that they were so patient with us. Without their patient love and care, I would not have the strong foundation to compete at my best self and be the leader whom I have become.

How can I ever thank those nuns for the most wonderful gift of all – their time and patience to teach us
on all the basics to master English as a primary Native speaker?

I’m forever grateful for their act of kindness; Yes, they were nuns and that is within their covenant with God to help the less fortunate. 

I feel an abundance of overflowing blessings.

I feel the need to pay it forward with whatever I have or can make.

As a mother, appreciating my daughter’s uniqueness, I understood she had to find her own path if she wanted to make a meaningful impact in the world. I decided to enroll her into a Coaching on College Admission Preparation program , realizing my daughter would prioritize the guidance coming from an expert in the field, as opposed to her own mother- as teenagers often do. 

During the program, I saw how my daughter changed and blossomed.

Mary le and her adult daughter

Mentoring children was already a part of my life, as a Co-founder of YoMP Program (Youth Mentoring Program within Aid for Children without parents). 

I realized my love of sharing my adventures and successes and creating community/strong relationships with the families. 

The recommendations from the parents and my peers, along with countless suggestions that I “should be doing this”, led me to begin working as a College Consultant.  

The repeated success in their scholarships and admissions to top 40 Universities was encouraging to my extension to many more families to help them realize their full best selves..

Through the years, I have worked hard to ensure children won’t miss out on opportunities or lower their dreams because they believed they could not afford the career they dreamed about. Providing children with the opportunity to learn can allow them to contribute to generations.

As a woman who arrived in United States as a refugee, starting from nothing and recruited by NASA, Intel, top 500 companies, I’m proof that no matter how young, rich, poor you are, everyone has equal chances to thrive and be successful if you put your mind and heart into whatever that you love to do.

My vision is to be part of a grassroot movement to

disrupt the old financial industry and to bring financial education to everyone.

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My life partner and I are collaborating within a community of financial business partners to educate 30 million people by year 2030. By 2030, our  team of Campaigners/ Educators/ Business Partners aim to impact 10,000 families through financial education.

Financial education is a source of power. 

Once you have this fundamental knowledge, you must apply this information.  

Provide your student with the tools they need to get into the college of their choice with an affordable solution on College Admission Preparation is one way which I can change the course of a student’s life. 

One student at a Time.

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Start your college admissions research by assessing which type of coaching that you may like to have on your college admission journey. 

College admission is not complicated.

It requires time to plan, prepare, and execute.

The college admission journey can be enjoyable when you have someone guiding you, encouraging you, speaking truth with care, and developing your skills along this journey.

Our college admissions experts are here to guide you from where you are to where you should be. 

Through our comprehensive curriculum, individualized coaching, and online group webinars, you are guided to have preparation and a roadmap to execute for success.


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